Weather Authority: Wintery Monday brings coldest morning of the season so far

Winter in November? Prepare for some unseasonably cold temperatures as you head out the door this morning.

FOX 29's Sue Serio says Monday has brought the coldest morning so far this season as temperatures drop into the 20s - with wind chill making it feel more like the teens!

Another bitter cold fall day is in store across the Delaware Valley as temperatures reach a high of 44 degrees. However, the sun will be in the sky all day.

More sun tomorrow as temperatures start to get a bit warmer, inching their way into the 50s for the rest of the week.



MONDAY: Still windy. High: 44, Low: 25

TUESDAY: Less windy. High: 50, Low: 32

WEDNESDAY: Great travel. High: 54, Low: 32

THURSDAY: Thanksgiving. High: 53, Low: 32

FRIDAY: Some showers. High: 55, Low: 38

SATURDAY: Sun and clouds. High: 54, Low: 46

SUNDAY: Clear, cold. High: 55 Low: 43