'Hoagie Dom': The one-man hoagie-making machine

In a city full of iconic sandwiches it’s hard to stand out, but one man is having his moment.

His name is Dominic Rocconi, but you may now him as "Hoagie Dom" – the man making his name on the Philadelphia sandwich scene.

Rocconi’s sandwich journey started during the coronavirus pandemic when he experimented with hoagie recipes at his house. He then started collaborating with local shops and eventually landed a hoagie "residency" at Bardot Café in Northern Liberties.

"Hoagies are Philadelphia thing," Rocconi said.

And now he can count himself part of that history! Every month, Rocconi hosts a hoagie pop-up at the café where he single-handedly makes at least 70 of his signature hoagies. Each hoagie is filled to the brim with quality products from his friends in the industry - except for the bread he bakes himself!


Roccini believes the key to good hoagie is the bread.

"Philadelphia is the greatest sandwich city in the universe because we have so many great Italian bakeries," he said.

The self-taught baker has created about eight original hoagie recipes that he’s featured at the pop-up each month. This month, his special is called the "95 Cotto Classic," and it includes everything from long hot aiolo and prosciutto to his own house dressing.

Reservations to grab one Roccini’s hoagies have been selling out in under a minute every month.

You can find all the details of each hoagie, along with reservation information on Roccini’s Instagram.