11-year-old New Jersey boy surfs 730 days in a row for charity

Rain or shine, you'll find one determined 11-year-old boy in the water every day.

Two years ago to the day, Carter Doorley set a goal to surf 100 days in a row - a goal he completely crushed in Tuesday in Atlantic City.

A freezing ocean ahead and cloud skies above, Carter took to the waves for the 730th time. He has now surfed every day for 730 days straight.

And he's not done yet! Carter says he doesn't plan to stop until he hits at least 1,000 days.

However, it's not about the number for this philanthropic young man. Carter uses his surfs to help raise money for charities, including Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary and True Spirit Coalition’s Food Pantry.

"My favorite charity has been SurfAid," Dooley said. "They bought clean water for Third World countries."

FOX 29 talked to Carter back in 2021 when he had just 400 surfs under his board. The then 9-year-old said all he wanted to do was help people.

"Because my dad is a firefighter and a lifeguard, so he helps people as well.," Carter said. "So I just want to help people, too, with him."


Carter's dad, a lieutenant with the Brigantine beach patrol, makes sure he's there to keep his son safe on days when the water gets rough. His mom Dawn on the other hand, has been there to document his journey every day.

Dawn says it gave Carter something to do during quarantine, but she never expected it to last this long.

"When he got to a year I thought he would be over it," she said.

730 days later, he's still going strong!