2 teens injured, one killed after crash on Roosevelt Boulevard; teen driver detained

A crash involving a car full of 16-year-olds left one dead and two injured, including the driver who was placed in police custody.

Police say a red Nissan Pathfinder lost control and crashed into a tree in the median on the northbound side of Roosevelt Boulevard in Hunting Park around 12:30 p.m. Sunday.

Two juveniles, the driver and a passenger, were transported to St. Christopher Hospital.


The rear passenger, also a 16-year-old, was declared dead at the scene. 

The driver is currently detained for investigation, according to police.

Jose Reyes, who is currently stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky with the U.S. Army, identified the 16-year-old boy killed in the crash as Ryan Reyes. He is frantically trying to get back to Philadelphia.

"It’s just tragic it had to be my son that’s the one that’s not here with us today," said Reyes. "No parent should go through this, ever."

Philadelphia Police say Reyes was a passenger in the backseat and was pronounced dead shortly after the crash. The driver and front seat passenger, both 16-year-old boys as well, survived the crash.

Police confirmed to FOX 29 that the driver did not have a valid driver’s license.

Reyes says the driver is lifelong friends with his son, and they were on the way home from church.   

"I see my son dying, that’s what I see, I didn’t see nothing else but my baby boy being taken away," he said. "What was so important to be speeding to get to that couldn’t wait?"

Ryan attended Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School, where the CEO says the school community is grieving and making counseling available.

"He was always making people laugh and just positive, just a really, really wonderful student, wonderful person," said Dr. Alberta O’Brien. "Everyone really loved him, and we’re definitely going to miss him."

Police say the investigation is ongoing and so far no one has been charged.

"I will build myself up to try to forgive this kid and this family, I will try my best, but there are consequences," said Reyes.

Neighbors say family members quickly showed up after the crash. 

"Only thing you saw was their family members coming up the street and it was sad, it was sad," said Marvin Robinson, neighbor. 

Saleem Ali Mohammed says he’s witnessed many crashes on the stretch of the boulevard, including a fatal crash involving his cousin.

He says people pick up speed from the hill as they reach 5th street and don’t even realize it.

"From 5th on the Boulevard to 4th is a tragic place, you have trees, you have slopes up and down so hopefully from this young kid dying people will slow down," said Mohammed.  

When asked what he would like to see from the city he suggested, "speed bumps to slow them down… probably needs to be a cop here or something."