6 injured after tree falls on high school reunion party in Fairmount Park, police say

A high school reunion party took a shocking turn when police say a large tree fell Sunday afternoon, crushing everything below it.

Six people were reportedly injured when the tree fell on the 5300 block of Georges Hill Drive around 12:20 p.m.

Police say the injured ranged in age from 66-67 years old.

"All we heard was crunch and smoke came up and all our men who was out here, every class ran here. Amazing," Daryllynn Smott described the scene.

Tree falls on graduation class reunion party.

"All we heard was a crackling. Next thing you know, trees falling, leaves and everything," Allan Shamberger said.


When Shamberger saw the tree fall, he and many other heroes ran to rescue their fellow alumni from West Philadelphia High School. "We thought it was worse, because they were still setting up. But, we ran real quick, ‘You take care of them, you take care of that.’ So I was on the fire brigade and three or four guys were on to help the rescue, to see what they could do to help the guys, the people trapped under the tent."

"We just hope that our alumni brothers and sisters have a safe and full recovery," Michael Brown said.

Three of the injured were treated and released from the hospital. Three others are still being treated. One man has serious injuries to his back, lungs and legs.