9-year-old Washington Township boy solves 2 dozen Rubik's Cubes in two days

There's a new sound in the Goren household. It's all because of the magical mind and fast fingers of 9-year-old Scott Goren.

"It just seemed fun and stuff so I really just started to get into it," said Scott. Many of us grew up with a Rubik's Cube but chances are most of us never solved it.

"Takes me like three minutes to five minutes or something," he said. Scott has solved it about two dozen times.

"It's just in my brain now," he said. And he can do it in less time than he's willing to admit.

We got his older brother Jeremy to scramble it and we timed him.

"Ready? Set. Go." Scott finished it in just over a minute.

It started last month when a company sent Scott's third grade class at Bells Elementary School in Washington Township a set to solve as part of a contest.

"I was just joking with him and said Scott why don't you just solve all of them since you solved that one and he did," said Scott's teacher Lauren Sisco.

Scott's parents Lisa and Keith are amazed.

"Him and his brothers, all three of them, would be in the room and I'd hear them clicking the cubes at night till late until it was over," they laughed. Scott says solving it is half logic and the instruction clues come with it. But he says they're not easy.

"So you have the white side solved and you have to have a "T" for each side. So that's kind of tricky," he said. I asked if he'd ever gotten frustrated and peeled off the stickers.

"This one doesn't have any stickers so I can't do that," laughed Scott.

What challenge is next?

"I have a 5x5 Rubik's Cube in my room. It has 5 and 5 so there's 25 squares on each side and that's what I can't do yet. So I'm trying to figure out that," he said. Scott won a set of Rubik's Cubes for his class since he was able to solve all of the ones sent to them.