A timeline for all Philadelphia residents to receive COVID vaccines brings hope

A coronavirus timeline has been set out by Philadelphia city officials and a lot of hope is following that timeline, including when the general public, those not at high risk, could finally get a shot in the arm.

As the pandemic nears the one-year mark, Philadelphia reaches a grim milestone.

COVID-19 has killed 3,000 Philadelphians.

"This has been very tough on the city of Philadelphia, tough on individuals, on families. We hope we’re near the end, but the epidemic has been difficult as reach this milestone," Commissioner of Health Dr. Tom Farley said.

But, as the city acknowledges the loss of life, it’s health commissioner charts a hopeful timeline for vaccinations with the help of a big jump in vaccines from the federal government.

Dr. Farley says by the end of April vaccinations in the 1b phase will be done. The end of May will see vaccinations finished in the 1c grouping and the warm weather of June may bring relief.

"Then we’ll be in Phase 2. In Phase 2, everyone is eligible in June. We would hope to vaccinate everyone who wants a vaccine by the end of July," Dr. Farley elaborated.

Dr. Farley says COVID cases are dropping while vaccine supplies are slowly increasing. He says 150,000, of the approximately 800,000 residents who want to be vaccinated, have received at least one shot.

 "Are Philadelphia students, 9,000 of them, going back to class, in your view?" asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

"We’re working with the district and the union in an effort to work with the mediator to make determinations on the safety of buildings," Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney replied.

Pre-k through 2nd grade students in the School District of Philadelphia are scheduled to return to classrooms Monday, February 22nd, but a mediator, called in by the teachers’ union, has yet to report on the safety of buildings.

"What do we tell parents about Monday?" Cole asked.

"We’ll get back to you on the message. I’m sure there’ll be something later in the week," Mayor Kenney answered.



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