'I feel blessed': Philadelphia Acme manager forms special bond with customer in need

Sometimes special people come into our lives in the most unexpected ways, like shopping at your local food store.

Nancy Ostroff has been a customer at the Amce Market in North Philadelphia for 60 years. However, one day, store manager Sue Thomas noticed that Nancy was missing.

"She literally tracked me down to find out where I was, and what was wrong," Nancy said.

Sue found out Nancy had been in an accident, and needed food in her house. So, she got a list and did all the shopping for her.

"We don't know sometimes what people go through in their life until you get to know people," Sue said. "And I don't know it. Just come on me. It's just the way my parents raised us."

It didn't end there! For a year and a half, Sue has been picking Nancy up, taking her to Acme, then unloading all the groceries back at her house.

"I don't need any recognition," Sue said. "But God knows the work I do every day in my life. I feel blessed."


If Sue wasn’t available, then her twin sister Liz would take over helping Nancy, whether it was taking her shopping or picking her up from doctor appointments.

"Who does that now?" Nancy said. "Above and beyond. Doesn't even cover the story."

Nancy has even told Acme's CEO that he should never accept Sue's resignation!

"It means the world to me," she said. "It means to me that I matter to somebody. It means to me that there are people out there who really do care."