Ahead of potential new ice storm, people in Burlington County make preparations

In treacherous winter weather conditions, such as what is forecasted for Monday, officials always provide the travel advice – stay home. People were out ahead of the ice, buying the last of the salt, in anticipation of yet another storm.

"I’m all set. I got plenty of salt. I don’t wait for it to come. I get ahead it of time," Norm said.

Unlike Norm, many people were out buying salt in Bordentown Monday. Jim Harris drove over the river from Yardley.

"Did you try a couple places over there?" Flynn asked.

"Yeah, Home Depot and all them, they’re out," Harris replied.

Harris purchased 10 bags of salt. For seniors, a potential ice storm can be terrifying.

"My wife and I, we’re getting up there in age. We don’t want to slip and fall because that might be the end of you," remarked Harris.

The expected storm is the one that has been pounding the country for a day, especially in places that don’t often deal with ice, like Texas.

"You can’t see in front of you if it’s a whiteout. So, you really don’t know what’s up ahead," Donovan remarked.

Donovan’s driven his car hauler through that kind of weather and his advice is trust the gut and remember what all mothers teach – better safe than sorry.

"And, of course you’re going to take every precaution. You’re doing the speed limit. Sometimes, you just have to pull over," Donovan added.

Jana Tidwell from AAA has advice for those who must go out, "Having enough gas to keep the car running, to keep everyone inside warm, to charge the devices, is going to be critical. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to ration less than a quarter tank of gas over multiple hours."



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