Blackwood homeowners cited for weekend for-profit pool party, with loud music, over 100 people

Neighbors are fed-up with homeowners accused of throwing paid parties at their pool, with loud music and armed security.

Police say they met with the homeowners back in June, after getting complaints, to warn them they cannot run a business in a residential neighborhood.

Then, it escalated. Now, the township and health department are involved.

Zach Killen says his Blackwood neighborhood is supposed to look quiet and safe. But, several weekends this summer, that has not been the case.

"We would look out the window and see people getting close to our lawn, walking around. We would see people urinating across the street and stuff like that," Killen said.


"I’m concerned for our officers and residents in that area. It’s like a powder keg that could go off," stated Gloucester Township Police Chief David Harkins.

Gloucester Township police say they charged two homeowners on Poplar Avenue, for throwing a for-profit pool party on Sunday night, requesting $20 a head, that brought in loud music, at least 100 people and armed security guards.

Police sent FOX 29 a Facebook post where the homeowner advertised the residential home as a rental space. Police say it indicated the homeowners illegally used the property for a business.

"They weren’t really hiding it. They have a bar. There were dance contest types of things, twerking on their Facebook page," Chief Harkins explained. "They couldn’t really say that it was a family party."

Police say the homeowners were issued citations from the township and health department, as well. Public works had to come out to clean the trash. They say they will continue to monitor the neighborhood to keep the peace.