Bring fruitcake, not mashed sweet potatoes; TSA rules for traveling through PHL Airport

Flying home for the holidays? The TSA has a list and they want you to check it twice, or more, before flying out of Philadelphia International Airport.

The TSA permits passengers to travel with certain food items - the rule is, if it can be spread, spilled or sprayed, TSA considers that a liquid or gel. Those items can be carried in 3.4 ounce containers with passengers on the airplane. If it can not be contained in a 3.4 ounce container, the item has to go in checked luggage in a plastic bag.

Passengers can carry cookies or fruitcake with them on the airplane.

Take great care to go through luggage before packing the luggage, in order to avoid accidentally bringing prohibited items. TSA reports they confiscate approximately 4,000 restricted gadgets every year.

Pack patience, as Philadelphia International will certainly be teeming with travelers. About 40,000 people travel through the airport on the busiest days.

Philadelphia Airport officials want to remind travelers of these important tips:

-- Once through security, all terminals and gates are accessible. To walk between Terminals C and F, it takes about 15 minutes. American Airlines provides free shuttles between Terminals A and F and C and F.
-- Checkpoint C is TSA pre-check only. TSA pre-check lanes also operate at Checkpoints A-East and D-E. There is no pre-check at A-West, B or F.
-- Know an airline's baggage policy before arriving at the airport. All airline baggage policies can be viewed on individual airline websites or calling them directly. Additionally, passengers with questions regarding airport security, or what can be carried on a plane or in checked bags can check, @AskTSA on Twitter or Facebook, or call 866-289-9673.
-- Passengers flying with American Airlines should check their terminals as well as departure gates before arriving. Taking these measures should help avoid confusion as to where to check in and go through TSA screening.
-- Do not wrap gifts before flying.
-- For passengers hoping to park at the airport, check availability with each garage at
-- The free cell phone lot is located one minute from each bag claim area.
-- If you see something, say something. Tell police or call 3111 from a white courtesy phone.

Passengers following these guidelines can avoid some of the holiday stress that often accompanies travelers.