Camden County can't fix road causing flat tires, damage to vehicles as road belongs to NJ Transit

A busy Camden County road is causing serious issues for drivers. They say potholes are notorious for flat tires and they want the county to fix it before things get worse.

"It’s costing me $600 for two tires three weeks before Christmas. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday," Michael Brzdek said.

He is at his wit’s end. He’s lived in Waterford, New Jersey 10 years and he says the aptly named Chew Road keeps spitting out tires and damaging vehicles.


Tuesday, the road put his family in danger, he says. "Someone could have gotten really hurt, last night. Me or anybody in my family could have been seriously hurt and God only knows if we could have got help."

The portion of the road with the potholes has been the bain of drivers in the area for years, with multiple people in just the past week complaining of flat tires due to large potholes.

Camden County Public Works officials patched the latest hole Wednesday morning, but a long-term fix is more complicated, says Dan Keashen, Public Affairs Director for the county.

The troubled area is a former railroad crossing and is still under ownership with NJ Transit.

"Right now, it’s a question of ownership. We can’t go on and make improvements to their railroad tracks if NJ Transit maintains ownership," Keashen explained.

He says the county is now reprioritizing the transfer of ownership from NJ Transit as more and more drivers incur costs. "It’s a priority to hear from them. It’s a priority to have a permanent fix on that line."

Keashen adds it’s unclear when the county will receive ownership of the road, but work will begin immediately on the road once ownership happens.

While Brzdek says it’s promising news, it doesn’t do much to help his family now. "If they can just please get that road fixed and maybe help me with buying my tires." 

Camden County has a telephone line to report road hazards or areas that require repairs. People wanting to report items can call 856-566-2980 for help.