'Cancel culture' leads to people losing jobs, friends

If you do something or say something offensive it could cost you your job and support from the community.

“I think there’s a lot of reactive thinking going on right now and it’s understandable, no one, no one of good value and moral character wants to be affiliated with a racist,” said attorney Heather Hansen.

Though it is not new, demonstrations across the country have pushed for equality and racism to end. Those that do not comply will usually get ‘canceled’ or unsupported in mass. 

The High Street Caffe in West Chester posted an apology on Facebook saying that they are “committed to actively fight racism” after they say the owner allegedly made a “deeply offensive and disgusting post.” 

In another instance, two New Jersey men are accused of reenacting the police custody death of George Floyd during a counter protest. This led to one man reportedly losing his job and the other being suspended. 

Many people agreed that people need to face consequences for their actions and words. 


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