'Death trap' intersection sends cars crashing into Pennsylvania home, family says

Car crashes; police chases; drunk drivers. One family's home in Yeadon just keeps getting more and more dangerous.

Claire Williams is no stranger to having her property damaged. Her house resides near MacDade Boulevard and Church Lane, an intersection her family calls a "death trap."

Most recently, a speeding car barreled into their home causing a massive hole, gas leak and cracked foundation.

Car crashes into home, causing massive hole and gas leak.

The Williams were out of town this weekend, but Claire believes it's only a matter of time before it happens again - and next time they may not be so lucky.

"If you are going at a high rate of speed it actually kind of airborne you into the yard," she said.

Nearly two dozen crashes have been reported at the home for nearly a decade, but lately it's getting worse.

Their new fence was destroyed twice, once in July and again in February. In October, their windows were shattered by a truck. And just a couple of months ago, a car crashed into their tree and caught on fire.

Car caught on fire after crashing outside WIlliams family's home. (Claire Williams)

However, car crashes aren't the only incidents the Williams have experience right outside their front door.

"We had a hit-and-run, the cops chasing people, drunken drivers all come through this yard," she said.

Fence obliterated twice by car crashing into the Williams family's yard.

The couple says now they can't even live in their home. They claim PennDot promised neighbors a fix months ago, but so far nothing has been done.

"We are calling PennDot out," said Leslie Lewis-McGirth, a neighbor of the Williams. "What is it going to take? A life? We thank god these residents were not in this home when this incident had occurred."


Yeadon’s mayor says guardrails may soon be installed as a temporary fix, but the Williams says a permanent solution is what’s needed most.

"I’m not waiting until someone dies in my yard or my house explodes," Claire said.

PennDot promised FOX29 an answer by tomorrow. 

No word yet on when the Williams family will be allowed back into their home.