Carnell Elementary reopens after closure due to asbestos

Asbestos testing will continue at Laura H. Carnell Elementary School on Monday amid public pressure over health and safety concerns.

Pennsylvania State Sen. Christine Tartaglione said the testing will occur alongside the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT).

Tartaglione's announcement came after Carnell Elementary opened for students and staff Monday.

The new testing will occur after the regularly scheduled school day and in accordance with the agreement reached last week between the School District of Philadelphia and PFT.

Carnell Elementary closed on Dec. 20, 2019, after asbestos were discovered on the property.

School officials said that repairs had been made and testing showed the building was safe for students and staff to return.


Laura H. Carnell Elementary School.

Work on asbestos found at Alexander McClure Elementary School is ongoing. District officials anticipate reopening that school on Wednesday, Jan. 15. Preschool classes are expected to return on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

School district officials say results of air quality tests will be on the Philadelphia School District’s website. For more information on those results, see here.


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