Cherry Hill Superintendent announces tentative plan for the fall

Cherry Hill School Superintendent Dr. Joseph Meloche announced a tentative plan Tuesday for the fall, which includes a ‘staggered hybrid schedule’ to limit class sizes.

“It was pretty hard, I missed friends a lot. It was a lot harder to do it over the computer because it was hard to get extra help from so many students,” said Isabel Coverdale, who just finished her freshman year.

The provisional plan includes two days of in-school wearing masks and three days of remote learning. No field trips will be allowed through the beginning of 2021, and there will be no school visitors.

Brianna Bailey, a mother and West Philadelphia resident, says that she is awaiting the Philadelphia School District’s plan to be announced in the morning. She added that she's concerned about regression with continued remote learning.

“I’m stressed about it. I just wish that things would go back to normal,” she said. “I believe education [is] very important and kids are slacking because [they] aren’t in the environment they’re used to.”

Dr. Meloche made it clear that Cherry Hill’s reopening plan is subject to change at any time.

“There’s a true reality that we may hit September 1, you know, that week before Labor Day and the governor turns around and says things aren’t good closing schools and we will be prepared for that if and when it happens,” he said.

Parents have also voiced concern because of fluctuating COVID-19 statistics. 

“We have a few months to see how things pan out and I’m just concerned about September and wanting to keep family safe,” said Paul Coverdale.


School District of Philadelphia to announce plans for Fall on Wednesday


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