Chester County 4th grade celebrates Phillies opening day in unique and fun experience for students

In Chester County, one fourth grade class was decked out in Phillies gear for MLB Opening Day "Phestivities."

Dorothy Schaller is a fourth grade teacher at Exton Elementary. She said it’s become an annual tradition to center the school day around all things Phillies and baseball to celebrate the start of a new season.

"We started science today with force and motion and a video about baseball. For math they are researching... do higher paid teams actually have better records," said Schaller. "I have all the papers hanging around the room of the World Series run in 2009, playoffs of 2010 and the entire run this year. We end our day reading a book about Hank Greenberg and Jackie Robinson and the challenges they overcame based on their backgrounds, but how baseball brought them together."

Student Alexa Voorhees walked us through one of the assignments where students have to give a report on what they have learned.


"This is my script where I’m going to be reading on this camera, and this is the paper where it has all the numbers of percentages," said Voorhees. "Are the teams with the higher salaries the better team players?"

The entire classroom was decorated in Phillies Red with some keepsakes dating back decades. Students also got to enjoy some ballpark treats and raffles.

"It’s probably one of the best school days of the year," said student Cat Higgins.

"I love how we get to do fun activities all day long while learning," said student Arav Cornelius.

"Last year was really exciting because I got into the World Series, but it was really upsetting that they lost so I hope they can get into the World Series again this year," said student Lily Dugan.

Schaller hopes her students will walk away learning the biggest lesson of all.

"Everything I planned today with my innings for each subject really gets them to work together as a team and be champions at the end of the day," said Schaller.