Clementon Park & Splash World reopening Friday for first time in nearly 2 years

It's a place where memories were made for many years and now Clementon Park & Splash World is reopening Friday for the first time in almost two years. 

Gary Fawks, senior vice president of operations at IB Parks and Entertainment, showed FOX 29 around the 114-year-old amusement park on the eve of big reopening.

The park was abruptly shut down in 2019. His company bought Clementon at auction in March for $2 ½ million. Since then they've been painting, cleaning and freshening up the park for its new era.

"These are generational parks. These are parks that people went to when they were kids and then they brought their children out here and now they have brought their grandchildren out here," Fawks said.

Roxanne Perez from Philly came to the park as a kid. Her daughter just got a job here in guest services.

"It’s one of my favorite parks my kids can ride everything, it’s convenient. The food places are very reasonable," she said.

The park that opened in 1907 has nearly 30 attractions, including a water park and large wave pool. 

"I’m just glad that they were just able to open again and I can get my season pass," Perez said. "I come up here very often. I even know the bus routes."

The park will be opened from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Parking will be free for the entire 2021 season.



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