Cleanup continues after tornado rips through Mullica Hill

Kathy Bonnenberg gave FOX 29 a tour of her tornado-ravaged Mullica Hill property Monday.  She was trying to salvage anything she could.

Items that can be boxed and stored are going into a neighbor’s garage for now. Sam Karam is offering up whatever space he has.

Volunteers have been outside daily clearing debris from the neighborhood. The faith-based non-profit organization Mission Teens, which helps people battling addiction offered up its manpower.

"Just now, we had guys on chainsaws that cut up all this stuff moved it from out there over to here. We started off the day in Wenonah. I have guys there cooking right now for the community as well, "Taylor Box, assistant director of Mission Teens, said.

This kind of support - helping storm victims stay positive and move forward.

"We are thankful the community outreach has been unbelievable," Bonnenberg said.

Generous donations of food, gift cards and shelter keep on coming.

Bonnenberg says she has two daughters starting at new schools this week while they’re trying to be strong this trauma is a lot for anyone to process...

"They stay stoic because they think that’s how you do it but I know they’re going through some emotions so I want them to feel that they can open up and cry," Bonnenberg said.




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