Parents, kids in Narberth voice frustration over closed outdoor basketball courts

Parents and kids in Narberth held an impromptu rally voicing their frustration over the closure of basketball courts. 

The courts are closed,  the nets are tied up and the hoops covered in plywood.

"Narberth bleeds basketball this is like what we do. We all love it. Narberth Girls League has been going on for so long. We all love it and enjoy it and we can’t even do it because they won’t open the courts," Taylor Conroy said.

David O’Keefe and other parents are upset that local officials won’t open the courts with just three weeks to go before the 250 member girls summer league is set to start.

"We’ve been told at the mayor is not gonna open the courts because of the COVID and the reason is the common ball," he said.

The mayor here says it is about community safety while vaccinations are continuing, cases are still popping up.

In a text statement, mayor Andrea Deutsch cited Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent comments that COVID is spread more through team sports than in the classroom.

"I understand that people want to open the courts for basketball, and I do too, but I can only do so when it is safe. It’s also a high contact sport," Deutsch said.

Parents point to indoor basketball leagues that played their season and the other sports permitted.

"This is where our children work as a team learn how to socialize it’s so important for their overall health, not just physical but mental health," Betsy Harvey said.



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