Community pushes for peace after shooting at Strawberry Mansion block party

Authorities say gunfire that broke out on a Philadelphia block where people were listening to music sent nine people to the hospital.

Police said at least 27 shots were fired shortly after 10:30 p.m. Saturday in Strawberry Mansion in the 2300 block of West Huntingdon Street. Police believe just two weapons were used.

The community is hoping to send a message of peace.

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"My stomach is flipping. I can't stop my stomach from flipping."

Strawberry Mansion neighborhood Pastor Jamal Vann is sick of feeling sick and came to 23rd and Huntingdon where 9 people were shot this past weekend to push for peace.

"My heart wrenches. I want to solve the problem. I've spent six years in school trying to solve the problem and I stared an organization to solve the problem. Started a church," he explained.

Several grassroots groups challenged one another with words of encouragement and a demand for action after sudden gunfire put 9 people in the hospital Saturday night. The victims all under age 26.

Two people remain in critical condition and seven others are in stable condiion.