Police search for driver in South Philly hit-and-run that left bicyclist injured

Surveillance video from a corner store captures the driver of a car hit a person on a bike then keep going. It shows the man on the bike coming through the intersection of 8th and Ritner in South Philly. The car knocked the victim off the bike and into the air. 

"I hear boom," said Marvin Simms who says he was sitting in his car parked right at the intersection when it happened. He says police were also on scene as it happened. 

"They were out here until about two in the morning. They had the whole street blocked off," he said. 

Police say it happened around 11 p.m. Sunday night and that a police lieutenant saw a black vehicle going south on 8th Street. They say the driver ran a stop sign when they hit the 31-year-old man on the bike. Investigators say the lieutenant stopped traffic and helped the victim until medics got there. 

"I think it's disgusting as human being," said Stacy Caizzo. She says she usually gets updates on the neighborhood citizens app about crimes in the area. She was shocked she hadn't heard about this. 

"Whether it's an adult or a child at least stop and make sure they're ok," she said while out strolling her grandson Lucas this evening. She says people ride bikes in this neighborhood all the time. 

"My nephew is on a bike constantly and my son is on a bicycle constantly so yeah it's scary," said Caizzo. 

Investigators were back on scene Monday evening and police tape remained on the ground at the intersection. It’s a reminder that this investigation is far from over. 

"Accidents happen but maybe you know they got nervous, scared or whatever. But you should stop," said Caizzo. 

Police say the victim suffered a superficial head injury and other non-critical injuries. The vehicle is a dark-colored sedan possibly an Audi or Honda, according to investigators.

An investigation remains underway. 




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