Cyclist recovering from hit-and-run in South Philadelphia caught on camera

A woman is hoping a hit-and-run driver will come forward after she was struck while riding her bike in South Philadelphia. 

It happened Monday around 4 p.m.

Surveillance camera captured Janine Weeks' life flash before her eyes. She was biking down 13th Street and as she starts to pedal through a 4-way stop intersection a car struck her. The car that struck her originally heading down Carpenter Street reversed and drove away.

“I just thought maybe they'll circle around the block or something but then I realized they're not coming back,” Weeks said.

According to Weeks, two other witnesses did stop to help her but unfortunately did not catch the striking car's license plate.

She admits she is guilty of running the stop sign herself assuming that the car would stop before hitting the intersection.

She got the surveillance video and shared it on her Facebook page in the hopes to track the driver down. The intersection now has signs with pictures of the car asking for witnesses.

Weeks is recovering from a fractured shoulder blade. 


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