DA: EMS chief used hidden cameras to record girls, women undressing in Berks County bathrooms

Jason S. McCully

A man accused of secretly taking photos and videos of women in bathrooms is now being charged with doing the same to at least three girls under the age of 18.

Jason M. McCully, 39, is charged with several new offenses after officials say they found a hidden camera inside a bathroom at his house. A woman and female juvenile were reportedly captured "in various stage of undress."

The new discovery comes after McCully was already taken into custody for a camera found inside a bathroom at his place of work, the Elverson-Honeybrook Area EMS. He was the chief of the department at the time.

Officials say several women were recorded on a small camera concealed in a toiletry bag on the bathroom sink from October 2021 through May 2022. He reportedly admitted that the bag belonged to him. 


Police recovered numerous video and digital files of 11 female victims, two under the age of 18, during an initial search of the suspect's home. Another search revealed the camera inside his home, as well as files of the two additional female victims, one under the age of 18.

In total, McCully secretly recorded 13 female victims, with at least three of them being juveniles, according to the Berks County District Attorney's Office.

McCully, who is currently in Berks County Jail, is now being charged with several criminal counts of sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography, invasion of privacy and related charges.