DA: Philadelphia man burglarized at least 9 homes, sexually assaulted 3 residents

A Philadelphia man is facing a number of charges after prosecutors say he went on a six-month spree of home burglaries in southeast Pennsylvania and sexually assaulted three residents, including a 102-year-old woman.

Raheem White, 41, is accused of burglarizing at least nine homes in Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County from July 2020 to Jan. 2021, prosecutors announced Friday. 

White is said to have looked for homes with no cars in the parking lot and checked if anyone was inside by knocking on the door. An investigation found that White would enter homes through smashed windows or unlocked basement doors. 

Once inside, prosecutors said White ransacked bedrooms in search of jewelry, cash, and other small valuables. In at least three instances White is accused of sexually assaulting residents, including a 102-year-old elderly woman. 

Raheem White

Prosecutors revealed that a white Mercedes-Benz similar to the suspect's car was spotted near the burglarized homes. Cell phone data also placed White at the burglarized homes, according to police. 

It's believed that White also attempted to rob three other homes in southeast Pennsylvania, but was unsuccessful. Investigators have asked anyone with information about a possible burglary to contact local police.

Raheem White has been charged with multiple felony counts of burlary, attempted burglary, theft, indecent exposure and assault, and related offenses. He is being held at Montgomery County Correctional Facility on $1M cash bail.



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