Dangerous Orbeez Challenge prompts warning from police in South Jersey

Police in Gloucester Township, New Jersey have a warning for anyone taking part in the dangerous Orbeez Challenge. Anyone misusing the toy gel guns to scare or harass people, will face consequences.

Gloucester Township police say they have received numerous reports of people being hit with gel pellets from toy Orbeez guns.

They say there has been property damage, as well, and animals have been struck, most recently at Veterans Park.

Police say some of the instigators have been posting their actions on social media.

Police are urging parents to talk with their children about this challenge and about why it is dangerous to use a toy gun in public where it could be mistake for the real thing.

Lynn Polk said her daughter was hit by the pellets when a group of teens fired from their car. "It's just out of control. I don't want my children to get hurt. Thankfully my daughter wasn't injured bad, but it still could get really bad. I'm nervous for that."

Lt. Paul Fisher stated, "They shoot out rapid fire. These guns have batteries attached. They're made  to be toys but they can hurt people, if you get hit in the eye or maybe a sensitive area."

They went on to say perpetrators will be arrested.