Delaware County town cracking down on underage drinking

Police in a Delaware County neighborhood are cracking down on underage drinking after a reported spike in vandalism and litter is leaving residents fed up. 

Springfield police say underage drinking is nothing new, but recently it's gotten so bad that Twisted Tea cans can be found scattered in the woods and local parks are being sprayed with graffiti. 

Samantha Scott lives right next to Walsh Park in Springfield. She says it is quiet most days, but then weekend parties disrupt any amount of peace. 

"Spring break recently, it was pretty bad. Teenagers come in, they drink, and we can hear them when we step outside," said Scott. "It's super loud, and they leave trash in the entrance of the park and in the park."


The Springfield Police Department recently announced that they've received a $40K grant from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to increase police patrols in problem areas and for training focused on underage drinking. 

The CDC reports youth drinking is responsible for nearly 4,000 deaths every year. Parents of teens say more awareness can't be a bad thing. 

"I think it's a good idea," said Springfield resident Christie Bowden. "Kids need to be aware."

Springfield is one of 25 municipalities, nonprofits, and colleges getting grant money for programs that target teens drinking. 

The penalty for underage drinking in Pennsylvania starts with fine and possible a loss of your driver's license.