Canine Flu: Vets issue warnings regarding highly contagious strain of dog flu

Veterinarians are sending out warnings regarding a highly contagious strain of dog flu and they are asking owners to get their dog a flu shot, as well as a booster.

Dogs stick their heads in some strange places and that can lead to the danger of canine friends picking up some nasty stuff that can make them sick.

"Canine flu is one of the infectious respiratory things that we can see in dogs," Dr. Jess Fejes, Medical Director at the Veterinary Emergency Group, said.

Many dog owners are familiar with vaccines for things like parvovirus, distemper and rabies. But, when it comes to the flu, most are in the dark.

Vets are now having the flu shot discussion with dog owners. They say not every dog needs the vaccine, but if a dog is social, it’s something an owner should consider.

"It’s going to be somewhat specific, based on region and what they are exposed to, but, generally, dogs exposed to a lot of other dogs, dogs in doggie day care, boarding, things like that," Dr. Fejes explained.

Miles Petricone says he’s always made sure his dog is up-to-date on shots and now is considering adding the canine flu vaccine to his dog’s regime.

"If my vet is recommending it to me when I take him to get his yearly checkup, I’d definitely get it. I absolutely would look into it," Petricone said.

The good news is, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, very few dogs will die from the flu if they’re infected.