Economy Lot set to reopen at Philadelphia International Airport

Big news for those flying out of Philadelphia International Airport. $13.00 parking is coming back. In two weeks, travelers who prefer to park and fly will get to do so at the pre-pandemic Economy Lot.

It was shut down in March 2020 and signs were posted directing people to special long-tern parking garages at $16.00 a day.

But, come April 21st, airport officials say some spaces will once again be available at the cheapest Economy Lot, at $13.00 a day.

"We knew the only other option here was going to be parking in the daily garage," Mike Meoli stated.


Meoli returned home Friday night and explained it’s not just about the cost of parking, but also the inconvenience of using nearby garages that aren’t as close to the terminals and with not enough spaces.

"We also need those lots back open because we’ve come in here the last couple of times and its getting harder and harder to find a spot in the daily garage. We had to loop around that thing a couple of times to find a spot," Meoli elaborated.

Airport officials say 1,850 parking spots will be available at the Economy Lot. Sam Loveland arrived at the airport, home from a business trip, Friday night. His company pays for travel expenses, including parking. But, personal travel presents its own issues.

"For folks that want to pay less, they’ll now be able to drive back to the airport again," Loveland said.

He thinks with some long-term Economy Lot parking returning, more people will choose to return to self-parking, without spending more money at less affordable private lots.

"It’s convenient when you can get home and just have a car here, as opposed to having someone pick you up or having to wait for and Uber or that sort of thing," Loveland added.

Information about all parking at the airport can be found here



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