Elderly woman says her keys were swiped by car thief outside Philadelphia dollar store

A Philadelphia senior citizen is hoping someone will return her vehicle after she says it was stolen in the parking lot of a local dollar store.

The 80-year-old woman who wanted to only be identified as Shirley told FOX 29 that she was outside the Dollar Tree on Front and Olney streets when someone came up behind her, reached into her pocket and took her keys. 

The alleged thief then hopped in Shirley's 2016 Jeep Compass and sped off. 


"At first I thought it was somebody playing with me, you know, touching me like that, but then after he took the keys I went running behind him and I was screaming," Shirley said. 

The navy blue Jeep has a license plate number starting with PD and a scratch on the drivers side fender. Shirley said she chased the thief and needed to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit as he took off. 

"I’m almost 80-years-old, you know? Why would you…out there praying on old people like that? You have a mother and a grandmother. You should be shamed of yourself."