FBI, Philadelphia police serve warrants, round up guns in effort to combat violence

There have been 321 homicides in Philadelphia so far in 2021, as of Aug. 1. 

FOX 29's Steve Keeley recently went on a ride-along with the FBI and the Philadelphia Police during a round-up to arrest those who were most wanted. 

According to Keeley, police were able to capture 37 of the fugitives with warrants out for arrest. Some of the warrants included possession, simple assault, and even DUI. Authorities recovered numerous guns while they were executing the search warrants, some of which were able to shoot numerous rounds within seconds. 

Video footage from Keeley's ride-along shows images of police knocking on doors and apprehending those who were on their list.  

During the ride-along police remarked to Keeley about the sheer scale of the violence being witnessed in Philadelphia. "I've just never seen nothing like this in my life. A blatant disregard for life – shootings at block parties, at funerals, at graduations. I've just never seen nothing like this," one officer detailed. 

Authorities are hopeful that removing some of these fugitives from the streets might help lessen the ongoing gun violence. 



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