Felony Lane Gang resurfaces in the area

A warning from police about a group of people breaking into cars and stealing purses around the country. And now, investigators say they're hitting our area.

The Felony Lane Gang is back in our area again. They are striking in mall parking lots, they hit cars sitting outside gyms, schools and hair salons. Their favorite targets; women, who've left their pocketbooks behind.

Later, they'll try to cash stolen checks in the far lane of a bank drive-thru believing security cameras may not catch them

Lt. Brandon Graeff of Marple Township says the Felony Lane Gang has hit his Delaware County town.

"They'll spend their day stealing from cars maybe one or two nights and boom they're on to another state," he said.

Lt. Graeff says a Marple elementary school was hit a few years back during an evening PTO meeting and he says vehicles at gyms are prime targets.

The gang is so aggressive there's a Felony Lane Gang Task Force, which post on Facebook maps of recent strikes and pictures of suspects.

FOX 29 has learned communities in New Jersey have seen a rash of car break-ins..

Pennsylvania state police released Friday a sketch of a suspect in car break-ins in Concord, Middletown and Chads Ford Townships. While they can't be sure it's the work of the Felony Lane Gang, they do know the gang will be back.

"They're coming back. They'll come back to communities and do the same thing over and over," Lt. Graeff said.