Female goalie helps Delaware County high school hockey team win championship after winless season

From no wins to the ultimate victory! One local high school hockey team is the definition of a "Cinderella Story" with a goalie as the leading lady.

Penncrest High School in Delaware County recently took home the Central League championship title. A win made even more satisfying after years of disappointment, and a season of no wins.

So what made the difference this year? Maybe some female energy on the ice!

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  (Courtesy: @shotbyator.3 on Instagram)

Sophomore Fiona Walker took over the net as the team's goalie after her older brother graduated, and she's not the only girl on the team these days.

While some players were a little apprehensive when Walker first started, they quickly realized she was a much-needed addition to the team.

"At the end of the day they helped us win a championship," the team's captain said.


But even her impressive skills can't save her from some friendly teasing from teammates. 

When asked by FOX 29's Jenn Frederick what the worst part of Walker being on the team, one player added, "having her be good."