Flood-weary Bucks County residents attempt to cleanup after historic flooding

Cleaning up from what can only be described as historic flooding. Skyfox flew over several parts of Bucks County, some areas still underwater Tuesday.

Damage occurred in Northeast Philadelphia, at North Brook Apartments where the parking lot flooded Monday night and pieces of the road were lifted. Cars parked in the lot are totaled.

And, in hard-hit Bucks County, residents attempted to assess the damage.

"This became lakefront property. This is new. Flooding is one thing, but this is Lake Croydon," resident Ed Carr mused.

The hum of industrial water pumps fill the air in a Croydon neighborhood. A night after historic floods, residents are cleaning up and drying out.

"Their house was under two feet of water. Our basement is gone. I mean, that was new. This was intense," Carr stated.

Nearly 10 inches of rain fell in four hours. The National Weather Service called it a 100-year-flood.

"Within an hour, it was torrential. It was insane. I’ve never seen this much rain or this much flooding," Carr continued.

Croydon resident Alexis Meehan talked of the conditions in her home, "All of our floors are soaked. It’s muddy. It smells horrible. It’s awful. It’s awful."

In a neighborhood that’s no stranger to flooding, they rank storms with names like Sandy and Irene. But, Monday’s nearly 10-plus inch deluge was one for the record books.

"This has probably been – we got hit hard in Hurricane Sandy, but nothing like this," Meehan described.

Over in Bristol, Sharon Baxter’s submerged car was still waterlogged Tuesday. She fared better than her neighbors on Pond Street where a sinkhole forced the borough to condemn four properties on her block, for safety reasons.

"I am just thankful no one was hurt, because these homes are families. People have their children," Baxter said.



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