Food prices hop to nearly double what they were last Easter, experts say

As Americans prepare to celebrate Easter Sunday this weekend, experts say the cost of many holiday meal staples have hopped to new extremes. Financial Expert Dan Roccato said food prices are up nearly 8% from where they were a year ago. The average household is spending an extra $300 per month from last April, Roccato said. 

The cost of many Easter meal favorites like eggs, ham and fish are up double digits, according to Roccato. Shoppers have taken notice of the high costs. 

"It seems like some items have almost doubled, some are like half of a price more," Margret Wilson-Peason told FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson outside a Wegman's in Cherry Hill. 

Margret said her family normally plans a potluck Easter meal, which could now help offset some of the costly meal items.

"Normally as a family we come together, and we bring dishes, so we'll probably continue to do that and that actually might help," she said.

Roccato pointed to the so-called ‘trifecta’ that's responsible for surging prices as America emerges from the pandemic. Experts believe high demand, ongoing supply chain issues and work shortages, and the Russia-Ukraine War are responsible for high costs.

It's also been reported that the Avian Flu has forced farmers to kill chickens, which means the egg supply has been stunted and prices have risen. 

Roccato pointed to date that shows low-middle class families are starting to curtail spending as a result of ongoing inflation. 




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