Frankford High School expected to remain closed next year after asbestos discovery

As several Philadelphia schools continue to struggle with asbestos, at least one is already likely to stay closed to students and staff all of next year as well.

Frankford High School first closed its door last month after asbestos was discovered on school grounds, including on the first floor where the cafeteria is. 

In a letter to the school community, the district announced that "unexpected" damage could also force the school to stay shut the next academic year for "necessary environmental and other work, including HVAC, and repairs needed throughout the facility."

Officials say they are currently working on an in-person learning location for Frankford students.

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Damaged pipe wrap in the first-floor hallway and cafeteria above existing ductwork and drop ceilings is what ultimately led to the decision to shut the school, according to the district.

Asbestos damage was also found on the third and fourth floors, throughout the structure and in floor tiles.

The district also addressed questions regarding potential exposure for students and staff.

"There is no way to accurately calculate potential exposure in a school, given the number of people, movement in the building, areas of damage, and the invisible nature of potential fibers. The presence of asbestos materials itself is not a risk. However, should you have concerns, please contact your healthcare providers."

This school closure comes shortly after two other Philadelphia schools, Building 21 and the Mitchell School, also closed due to asbestos.