Gov. Murphy lifts COVID-19 testing requirements for schools, child care providers in New Jersey

Unvaccinated educators will no longer be required to undergo routine COVID-19 testing in New Jersey, according to an announcement from Gov. Phil Murphy.

Murphy signed an executive order Monday lifting all testing requirements for school districts, child care settings and state contractors.

With less than a month before the 2022 school year begins, the order will immediately go into effect for school districts and child care. The change will apply to state contractors beginning September 1.

"Today’s executive order follows guidance from public health officials at the CDC regarding responsible steps states can take as we continue to adjust to the endemic reality of COVID-19," Murphy said.


Policies requiring unvaccinated workers to undergo routine testing have been lifted. However, the governor says schools and child care providers may still maintain a vaccination or testing policy at their own discretion. 

Schools and child care facilities will still be required to report vaccination and testing data to the Department of Health.

Muprhy's decision comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance to no longer recommend routine screening testing in school districts and child care settings. 

Meanwhile. Camden County's top health officials Dr. Paschal Nwarko says there’s still a risk, but with vaccines, boosters and other medicines schools are in a far better place.

"People are not dying from COVID as they used to before, and there are things in place for them to get well if they have COVID," Nwarko said. 

Camden City and Cherry Hill schools both say they’re reviewing the orders and will contact their communities.