'He understands how to handle himself': Jalen Hurts' dad, Averion Hurts, talks about pride in his son

Rolling out the Philly welcome mat for Averion Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts’ dad and his former high school coach.

He landed in the Valley of the Sun on Tuesday and has just been trying to soak up the excitement, but, most importantly, support his son.

"He understands where he’s at and he understands how to handle himself and that’s one of the impressive things about him," Averion stated. "What I’ll say honestly is God knew who to give what to. He can handle that."


"What has been the hardest part of this whole journey with Jalen?" FOX 29’s Shiba Russell asked.

"The hardest part, as a parent, was watching him go through the tough times and helping him through the tough times. But, you know, I always told him it was something that God had in his path for him to go through. He wasn’t stuck in it," Averion replied.

"So, initially, a viewer pitched you to me as a story, because they felt that not enough was being reported on the fact that Jalen has a strong, consistent father-figure in his life and that it’s only talked about when young men of color do not. Can you talk about how you view your role as a dad?" Russell questioned.

"He comes from a two-family, two-parent home. But, you don’t have to be in the same home to raise your child, in any time. And, so it’s about taking care of your kids. For me, I never knew anything other than take care of my kids," Averion answered.