Healthcare providers sound the alarm for widespread COVID testing as cases rise

As hospitals prepare for the ever present coronavirus case surge, people want to know what’s being done to make sure testing is available for everyone since the surge doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

In a small lot on Coral Street in Kensington, the forward line forms in the battle against a resurgent coronavirus.

Healthcare provider Meg Townsend is testing, as she wants to make sure she won’t infect her housemates.

“I think we need to pair back a lot. I think this is a representation of what I do impacts everybody else,” Townsend commented.

Vybe Urgent Care has paired with the Kensington Community Food Co-op to provide testing in a neighborhood where there’s a need.

“There aren’t any brick and mortar sites here for people to get tested. This site provides an opportunity to bring it to people’s door steps,” explained Mike Richards, with the Kensington Community Co-op.

COVID-19 has re-emerged with a vengeance.

Pennsylvania broke a record Wednesday reporting 4,711 cases, the highest one day total ever. Philadelphia had its second highest count Wednesday, as well. Its record was set Tuesday.

“I’m afraid I don’t have good news. Our case counts are hitting all-time highs in Philadelphia and the U.S. No question, it’s a dangerous period,” Dr. Thomas Farley, Philadelphia’s Health Commissioner said.


And, in North Philadelphia Tuesday, a group of Black doctors is testing at a church.

“When you walk up to a car and someone looks like they should be in a hospital, that’s what I’m seeing,” stated Dr. Ala Stanford.

The organization’s founder says the onslaught reminds her of the spring.

“Spikes I’ve seen in the last couple of days are disheartening. It’s unfortunately reminiscent of April and it’s scary because we were there in April,” Dr. Stanford continued.

As COVID rages, masks and distancing remain the only defense, along with people willing to do their part.

“So, you’re cautious?” asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

“Have to,” replied Ashley Groomes.

“Why aren’t others?” Cole asked.

“I have no idea. That part makes no sense. Wish they did,” Groomes answered.



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