Hero helicopter pilot speaks out after Drexel Hill crash

The medical helicopter pilot who was injured in last week's crash in Drexel Hill joined Good Day Philadelphia to discuss the incident and his recovery. 

Danial Moore, 52, was at the controls of an EC-135 medical helicopter that was transporting an infant patient to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon when something caused the chopper to fall from the sky. 

Danial, who has been hailed as a hero, says he can expect his recovery to take up to 6 to 8 weeks. 

He mentioned that while he's "no worse for wear", he has to take medications to help him because otherwise he would be in "quite a bit of pain."

Danial says every day is incremental for him, but he does plan to return to working in helicopters. 


He remembers waking up from the crash to a group of firefighters looking at him, but called it a "great sight to see". 

For the most part, Danial does not remember when the crash occurred or any of the moments beforehand. 

He wants to focus on healing more than anything right now. 

"I'm pretty sure that God was my co-pilot that day," Danial Moore told Good Day Philadelphia. 

When asked about how he was asked about being called a hero, he said he'll "graciously accept the title." 

He was very appreciative of the immense amount of support he received since leaving the hospital. 



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