'He was going down!': Surveillance footage shows helicopter crash in Drexel Hill

Surveillance footage shows neighbors look on as an ill-fated medical helicopter with four aboard, including an infant child, sputtered across the sky Tuesday afternoon in Drexel Hill. 

The crash occurred just before 1 p.m. on Burmont Road and Bloomfield Avenue near the Drexel Hill United Methodist Church. 

Authorities say the helicopter was heading for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with a two-month-old baby on board. The baby and pilot were listed in stable condition with minor injuries. Two other passengers were not injured, authorities say. 

In the video, viewers can hear the helicopter struggling to stay airborne as it stammers across the right side of the screen. It was apparent to people on the ground that the chopper was descending. 

"He was going down!" one neighbor exclaimed moments after the helicopter fell from the sky. 

The landing was described by officials as a ‘controlled landing’ and no other injuries were reported. The church sustained no damage. 

The child, who was a patient, was rerouted on the ground to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia following the crash. 

The area where the crash occurred was surrounded by homes, and Upper Darby School District says Upper Darby High School was to serve as a landing site for other responding medical helicopters. 

"It's an absolute miracle," one official said near the crash site. 

Investigators have not said what caused the crash. 




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