I-95 shooting: Anthony Allegrini Jr. family, friends hold emotional tribute 1 year after fatal shooting

It has been one year since 18-year-old Anthony Allegrini Jr. was shot and killed by Pennsylvania State troopers on I-95 in a chaotic weekend of street racing that blocked the highway.

State police say Allegrini struck two troopers with his vehicle before a trooper opened fire.

Allegrini’s family is now suing state police for $50 million. Tuesday, his family and friends gathered for a vigil.

His mom, Jennifer, choking back tears, said, "Every day it just feels like it gets worse."

Dad, Anthony, continued, "The pain is still there. The sadness is still there. You don’t get better. You don’t get over it. It’s another day of hell. Just a little bit more mad, a little more sad and the hole in our hearts gets bigger every day."


I-95 shooting: Parents file lawsuit against PA state trooper in fatal shooting of Anthony Allegrini Jr.

Nine months after the officer-involved deadly shooting of Anthony Allegrini Jr., the parents of the Glen Mills 18-year-old have filed a $50 million federal lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Police Trooper who they say shot and killed him.

Family and friends honored Anthony at a candlelight vigil along the Delaware, as music played, and a relative read a poem from his mom. "Dear Anthony, the first time I ever saw you, I never thought I could love that much."

There were lots of tears and hugs. It was an emotional tribute.


The family’s lawsuit alleges the trooper used excessive force and prevented medical help, leaving the young man to bleed to death on I-95.

His dad stated, "We want justice for Anthony. We want the officer charged. We want the truth. We want accountability."

His family wants him to never be forgotten, as his dad said, "Anthony was an amazing person. An amazing character. He was loved by all."

His mom added, "Remember him. Remember his goofy, happy self."