'It's too hot': Delaware Valley endures dangerously hot conditions in 4th heatwave

It’s hot and so hot, the Delaware Valley may break a 30-year record. This is dangerous heat and the National Weather Service issued a Heat Advisory for most of the Delaware Valley and extending into Lancaster County and the Lehigh Valley.

Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania are included, as well as Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties in New Jersey and New Castle County in Delaware.

In Bucks County, umbrellas are shut and patio dining is not happening at the historic King George II Inn, on the Delaware River, in Bristol.


"Well, it’s too hot, with the heat index today over 100. It’s too hot not only for the customers, but for the staff," General Manager Robert Strasser said.

Another week of record-high temperatures and outdoor dining isn’t much fun, even in a picturesque waterfront locale. "It’s even too hot for the boaters. You won’t see much traffic," Strasser continued.

Not much pedestrian traffic in town and one couple tried to stay cool in the riverfront shade. Raj works construction and, he says, it’s rough in extreme weather. "If it’s a roof, it’s very tough. Usually the temperature is 95. On the roof, it’s more than 100 degrees. It’s dangerous, yeah."

One family decided to build a bed with under storage, working on their project outdoors. "We looked at the calendar and made sure we had the hottest day of the year and continued with protocol," son Steven Konnovich jokingly made light of the extreme weather for such a project.

"Honestly, it’s not too bad in the shade," grandmother Maryann Ennis said. "I’m not dying, yet."