'It's unbelievable': Philadelphia father caught in crossfire of gun fight while walking to store

A Philadelphia engaged father of two was badly hurt when police say he was caught in the crossfire of a shootout between two cars.

Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department were called to the intersection of Tulip Street and Allegheny Avenue around 5 p.m. Wednesday for reports of a shooting. 

Officers found 42-year-old Joseph Leipert with two gunshot wounds. He was brought to Temple University Hospital and placed in stable condition. 

42-year-old Joseph Leipert was walking to the store when he was caught in the middle of a gun battle between two cars.

Investigators believe Leipert was standing on the roadside when two cars started firing at each other. Police say one gunman fired through the sunroof and another fired from the passenger's seat of a different car. 

Leipert was hit twice by stray gunfire. His mother, Deborah, said a bullet broke his sternum and went through his shoulder, piercing his lung. 

"He said he heard gunshots, and he heard one big loud one, and he felt it, went to the ground, after that he don’t remember nothing," Deborah told FOX 29's Kelly Rule.

She said it's the second time that Joseph was hit by stray gunfire while walking to the store. 

"For him, it’s like a flashback," Deborah said. "Getting that phone call, it’s the hardest thing and it’s the hardest thing standing there watching your 43-year-old son crying in pain."




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