July 4th is back in Philly: Weekend lineup of events

It’s a block party outside the Barnes and David Rich is dancing his way into July Fourth weekend with his daughter Diana.

"Dancing is in our blood so she hears music, she looks at me, grabs my hand and says lets go. We got to do it," said David. Diana was in the crowd of line dancers and stealing the show. David and his wife Ilyana say it’s nice to have July 4th back in Philly again.

"This is awesome to just get out and get a little bit of fresh air and space. I think it’s been a long time that we’ve been waiting to get out here, get vaxed and just get out here," said Ilyana.

The event is called Barnes on the Block with Philadelphia Mural Arts. The family-style event offered a lot including sidewalk chalking and Nuri Thomas’s favorite is the paint by number.

"I like to paint and all the colors," said Nuri. It’s just the start of the holiday weekend for Nuri who says tomorrow she’ll be doing something fun and educational.

"Me and my mom are going to the African American Museum so she can do a workshop where you can make your own flag and stuff," said Nuri.

This is just the beginning of a weekend of events leading up to Sunday. ON Saturday, there’s POPS on Independence held at the Mann this year and Sunday of course fireworks from the Parkway and the Wawa Welcome America July Fourth concert with Flo Rida and Bebe Rexha which is a ticketed event at the Mann.

"Oh my gosh. The people, the events, the food and the arts," said Christopher Manas who is glad the event is back.

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