Kobe Bryant Plays Final Game in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) It was a special night not only for Kobe Bryant, but also for the people who have supported him through the years. From Lower Merion all the way to LA, they've been a part of his ups and downs.

Two days after Kobe Bryant announced his retirement, he played in Philadelphia. His head coach from Lower Merion High School and Dr. J weren't the only ones paying the all-star tributes courtside before the game. There was also this highlight reel of the local legend.

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Before a packed arena Kobe performed. He kicked off the game with a series of 3-pointers igniting the crowd.

Kobe Fans arrived at the Wells Fargo center hours before the 7 p.m. game.

"When I heard he was retiring I teared up a little bit," said Jordan Martin of Harrisburg, Pa.

Jordan Martin - met fellow super fan David Kim - who brought a handmade vintage Kobe poster for his first and last time seeing his favorite player live.

Kim had a courtside closeup of Kobe.

"I'm excited I got butterflies the first time seeing him live," he explained.

Bryant's cousin Shariff Butler was also in the crowd for the bittersweet Philly send off.

"He's had a long illustrious career. Very proud of the way he's approached the game. It's really good to see someone from Philly - my family - do something well," he said.