Local couples speak out about a company that's turning their wedding days into nightmares

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but some local couples may disagree as their big days got turned into nightmares. 

Couples across the country are posting on social media about a national company that's been ghosting its customers before their wedding day.

Joe Paquet planned a fairytale engagement for Ciara Travers as he presented her with a ring in front of friends and family in Ireland. 

"She didn't see it coming," said Paquet. "It was a nice little exciting event."

What they also did not see coming was the videography company that they hired and paid in full, "Petit Four Films," filing for bankruptcy. 

"It's pretty upsetting," said bride-to-be, Travers. "I'm pretty annoyed because we booked last November to kind of be ahead of the game."

The couple says they reached out to the company, but they did not get an answer. 

"To hear nothing and just be left scrambling to figure out an alternative, I'm just disappointed," said Paquet. 


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Their wedding is not until December 30th, so they have some time, but for Nichole Hoffman and her fiancé, Josh Gould, they're strapped for time. 

In just over three weeks, Hoffman and Gould are set to tie the knot. They, too, hired Petit Four Films to capture their special day, paying them $2,000 in advance.

"Why, how can you do this to people?" said Hoffman. "This is a very important day for people;. They trust you. I've been calling for three weeks, just trying to confirm about the day, who was gonna be there, and the times, and they were going unanswered."

This is the same story for Cherry Hill, New Jersey couple, Caroline Hipwell and Travis Francisco. Hipwell says she has been paying the company $80 a month, totaling to $2,300.

"My heart just sunk. I felt sick and called. Nobody answered. Emailed. I'm sure nobody will answer," said Hipwell. "It's been a part of my budget for two years of my life, and now it's gone." 

Hipewell and Francsico, plan to take the company, which has a "F" rating from the Better Business Bueau, to small-claims court.

Their wedding, which is October 7, will now be filmed on Hipwell's aunt's iPhone 13 since they ran out of time to find another videographer.

"I want every penny back. I'm gonna make sure that happens," said Hipwell. 

FOX 29's Dawn Timmeney also reached out to the company, but did not have any luck.