Man arrested for University of Delaware groping incidents

Newark police announced the arrest of the man suspected of groping two University of Delaware students in separate incidents on Friday night.

Also, they say they arrested Carlos Maldonado for harassment and trespassing on Wednesday.

Maldonado, 26 of Newark, is accused of unlawful sexual contact and harassment for Friday night's incidents.

Saturday morning, FOX 29 News reported the incidents had started at about 10pm.

First, a 19-year-old reported being groped and grabbed on the buttocks and shoulder by a man who then kept walking. She was shaken and called police.

A half hour later, on Prospect Avenue, a 20-year-old student was assaulted in the same way by a man fitting the same description.

Less than an hour after that, two frightened students -- 21 and 20 years old -- called police because a man had followed them for a half-mile. He left before officers arrived, and the students were unharmed.

Maldonado was arrested Monday.

Police say they linked him through surveillance footage, witness interviews, and evidence recovered from his apartment, after a search warrant was executed.

Maldonado is charged with 2 counts of unlawful sexual contact, 3 counts of harassment, and criminal trespass.

He was video-arraigned in front of Justice of the Peace Court 2 and released on $5,100 unsecured bond.