'March for Peace' hosted in South Philadelphia because of recent shootings

At 24th and Wharton Streets in South Philadelphia, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson and other community leaders hosted a rally and march beacuse more than 30 shootings have taken place since late last week, leaving seven people dead.

“To me it’s about coming out here and organizing with the community and saying enough is enough,” said Councilman Johnson.

Tamika Saunders, a South Philadelphia resident, says that she is discouraged and sad because she knew the family of one of the victims. 

“I’m very disheartened I grew up in South Philly, born and raised. As soon as I heard it, it bothered me - shook a nerve in me,” Saunders said. “Somebody has to be held accountable. Black lives have to matter to black lives.”

During the rally, Councilman Johnson asked the community to ‘push for peace’ and end gun violence. 

“We should not live inside a city where a child is murdered, a young man is murdered, a little girl is murdered and life goes on as if it’s normal,” he said.

Rally attendees Big Will and Charles Gurley say they were hoping to see more community support.

“I think it could be bigger...they can’t complain if they ain’t doing nothing about it,” said Gurley.

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The march is centered around a message of love, and will hopefully inspire people to stop using guns. 

“Hopefully we let them know we care about them and they don’t have to do what they doin’, ‘cause every last person has a family,” said Big Will.


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