Mayor Jim Kenney has no plans to declare state of emergency over gun violence in Philly

Mayor Jim Kenney has no plans to declare a state of emergency on gun violence in Philadelphia, according to a spokesperson.

For residents of Cumberland Street like Celeste McClinton the gun violence has become overwhelming.

"You got a lot of people out here. They scared," she said.

Bullets were flying Monday evening just feet away from where she hands out donated food to neighbors in need. Three men were shot just before 6 p.m. It was one of 12 shootings Monday night

City council members want Kenney to declare a state of emergency on gun violence. However, a spokesperson for the mayor rejected that, saying the mayor is addressing it as a public health crisis, implementing proven gun violence reduction programs, and getting illegal guns off the streets.

"It's about better-coordinated city services, it's about stronger community engagement and safe and healthy communities. We are doubling down on those things we have to do," Erica Atwood with the Office of Criminal Justice and Public Safety said.

Ten blocks west on Cumberland Monday night, three more people were shot. Four hours later, cars were peppered with bullets. Neighbors have had enough of the violence on in their neighborhoods.

"Mayor Kenney, please, please Mayor Kenny let's get this under control,"  McClinton said.


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